Honoring the bravery of breast cancer survivors

Meet the Pink Warriors

They fought and WON


Your funds will go to lifesaving research, education, early detection and prevention.


Honor a Survivor with a bouquet meant for them

This bouquet represents the strength of survivors, hope for the fighters, and remembrance of the ones we've lost.

Breast Cancer Awareness month isn’t about being pink, it is about the survivors. Every bouquet conveys the story of a different Pink Warrior to bring awareness to the unspoken struggles these survivors have to endure. Part of this initiative is to also give back to organizations working with survivors, so for every bouquet sold in October 2017, $0.50 will be contributed to the American Cancer Society.

Where to find?

Visit these retailers or check at your local grocery store.

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The Gems Group believes flowers make everyday life better, so we partnered with the American Cancer Society to help save lives from breast cancer and better the lives of those who’ve experienced the disease.

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For more information email us:
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* The American Cancer Society does not endorse any product or service.